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Checkbox display on web
~Richard Xankrobergetsi 01/28/2004 09:15 AM
Domino Designer 6.5 Windows 2000

1. Program works but checkbox display not align
I have an editable checkbox field called "Area" with entries populated via @DbColumn. When user select Area A and Area B, the notification list will be retrieved accordingly via @DbLookup based on the selection. My program works fine except for the checkbox display. How could I make my checkbox to be nicely aligned on the web ?
2. Checkbox align but program not working
Then I tried to create multiple (3) checkbox, views and columns on the table. Each checkbox will be refering to the specific views and placed in columns. I have 3 columns with aligned checkbox display but how do I retrieve the notification list as I have 3 separate checkbox now ?

Appreciate it if someone is kind enough to lend me a hand. Searched the forum and found most of the suggestion is using passthru html. I don't know how to go about if passthru html is the only solution as I have not use passthru html before.

Thank you.

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